Tuesday, January 17, 2012

T-Minus Two Days

All day long this nagging feeling...I've been furiously planning my films, packing my suitcase with more warm things, back to the computer to finish the thousand projects on my list...oh yes! Begin the blog! So much has happened since last year. Sundance Cinemas went from a vibrant two theatre circuit, to a now FOUR booming theatre circuit. In November we opened a new theatre in Houston, Texas. A mighty, mighty, fine theatre. Gorgeous. And we took over a theatre in Los Angeles, soon to be called Sundance Sunset right on Sunset Blvd. My dad was in the used car and auto parts business. We had a different car very often. One day my dad brought home this beautiful stylin' convertible. That night we drove out to Sunset Blvd, and my brother and I sat on the top of the back seats, waving at people and throwing kisses. You know, acting like movie stars on Sunset Blvd (did they do that?). And now, we will have a movie theatre on Sunset Blvd.
We looked like this:Back to the Sundance Film Festival. After weeks and weeks of dry cold weather, in my honor it's turned into wet cold weather with a severe storm warning right about the time I fly in. Snow and snow and rain. It's ok! I have all the gear I need, and anything else I will purchase from the overpriced stores. Oh - movies. In this blog I'll be posting my musings plus my impressions of the festival and the films I've seen that day. Not wanting to disappoint the legions of folks who follow my blog, I will be counting the following: Movie stars (and other noteworthy individuals) seen and consumption of a variety of high protein/low carb items. This year - no caramel apples. So strap on your best Uggs, and follow the Sundance Cinemas team to Sundance Film Festival 2012.

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