Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Snow Arrived - A Slog of Films

The snow arrived yesterday with blizzard-y conditions (hey I'm from California so it seemed like a blizzard) that caught everyone off-guard. Most especially whomever is responsible for plowing the streets and sidewalks. It's a mess. And it was also a mess of a day for watching movies. We discovered they had changed a screening of THE WORDS from an industry screening to an invitation only screening. I wasn't as upset as I was concerned for the volunteers who had to deal with some egos in the tent who were pretty upset and felt that they should have been invited. Not good. Guess the film isn't sold and they wanted people who could help make that happen. I waited on the side and was the 11th and last person to get in from the unwashed masses line. Front row. Center. Everyone in the front row said: this movie better be worth it. Sad to say - nope. The next film of the day was THE PACT -lasted 15 minutes into the low budget scary/slasher film. Probably the reason why I left was that they did too good of a job of set design. A suburban tract home with every detail in place, decor left untouched since 1962. And not the MAD MEN kind of 1962. I met up with my pal from Dolby who had some tickets for us, then went to a party at a pal's condo. Last movie of the night was LAY THE FAVORITE, with Bruce Willis and Rebecca Hall. My impeccable upbringing prevents me from giving my dear readers my opinion. Directed by Stephen Frears (THE QUEEN, THE GRIFTERS), let's just say it was a surprise. He looks in shock to me standing next to Willis and John Cooper from the festival. When we got back, everyone in the house was up and we had a great time discussing what we'd all seen. Not counting Willis and Frears, no other celeb sightings.

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